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Polywill  attended the 23nd

China Coating Show with many new & excellent  products, and our new produts and solutions won customer's deep trust and wide acclaim.

Coadd™ D-761

Good dispersing efficiency on both organic and inorganic pigments. Providing excellent color exhibit when used in the grinding of such pigments as chrome yellow, phthalocyanine blue, and phthalocyanine green which are difficult to to make high-gloss paints.

Coadd™ FR-5100

High-efficiency flash rust inhibitor, especially for flash rust inhibition at soldering joints. Very good salt-spray resistance at low dosage. Excellent performance in epoxy, acrylic, and PU formulations.

Polywill Advanced Material company focus on additives and emulsions applicated in water-borne industrial coatings.

     We strive on meeting customers’ needs, with core competency in research and innovation and manufacturing, and by offering value-added solutions to our customers through uniquely designed specialty additives and polymers. Our R&D team consists of experienced scientists and technical experts, with many published international patents. We consistently come up with innovative solutions for our customers. Our automated manufacturing capability and optimized supply chain system assure the delivery of high-quality products. 
     Our drive comes from customers’ expectations and trusts. Our fast growth comes as the result of the success of our customers. Development of customerized and differentiated products for our clients has made us focus even more on new technology and new demands. We firmly believe that our advance in technology is based on the thorough understanding of the market and applications of our customers. Our partners worldwide collaborate with us to establish close relationship with the customers through expert and timely service. In return, we are able to hear the voice of our customers quickly, respond to their demands promptly, and create value for both customers and ourselves.


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